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PlayStation 3 fixed here fast

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No cables are required, only the console by itself *Pricing as of 7/11/2015.

SONY Playstation Repair
Model PS3 Classic PS3 Slim PS3 Super Slim PS4
Stuck Blu-ray Drive All models $45
Lens $89 $99
YLOD/BLOD Reflow $89 $99
HDMI port $89 $89 - $99 $99 $130
Hard Drive Replacement $69 for 500gb, $89 for 1tb

Microsoft Xbox Repair
Model Xbox 360/Elite Xbox 360 S Xbox 360 E Xbox One
Stuck Tray All models $45
Lens $69 $99
RROD/Reflow $69 $99
Stuck update $45 $65

Nintendo Wii Repair
Model Nintendo Wii Nintendo Wii U Wii U Gamepad
Stuck Disc $45 N/A
Lens $69 $99 N/A
LCD / Digi N/A N/A $95

Not sure which repair you need ? Read this FAQ

Lens Replacement is needed if your console doesn't read discs or if you get disc read errors. This can also solve games freezing or loading slowly.

PS3/PS4 Hard Drive Replacement/Upgrade - store more games, movies and music with a bigger sized drive.

Reflow is needed if you have issues with the console coming on. Often they will have blinking lights on the front and nothing on the screen. This is likely caused by the solder under the graphics chip becoming brittle after years of use and cracking. The reflow process heats the solder until it melts thus repairing the crack. Since the underlying cause is the poor solder and the solder does not get replaced, a reflow is not a permanant fix but can still last years if done properly.

Reball is needed typically if the console has been reflowed before and the reflow didnt fix the issue or didnt last long. This sometimes happens when contaminates or dust gets under the chip or the small solder balls under the chip bridge together causing a short. In this case the chip will be removed, cleaned and reattached using a lead based solder which is less prone to cracking. This is the best fix known for PS3 yellow light and Xbox red rings.

GPU Replacement is not common but sometimes the chip will fail rather than the solder underneath. We usually dont find out until the chip is removed for reballing. See prices above.