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We can recycle or may buy your Desktop or Laptop Computer, Xbox, Playstation 3, iPad, iPhone, iPodTouch, working or not*

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Recycle ::

It's important to all of us that the millions of computers, game consoles, mobile phones and other electronic devices be disposed of in an environmentally sound manner. The recycling process recovers valuable metals for reuse in the manufacturing of new products

Reuse ::

Because Advanced Computer Resources' main business is electronics repair and service, we can often reuse items received by our recycling and trade-in programs to repair other customer systems or offer inexpensive refurbished computers and game consoles for sale. Reuse makes the most efficient use of used electronics and provides the best benefit to our customers and the environment

*Purchase of computers or devices subject to age, hardware specifications, physical condition of components and operating system

We may buy your ::

Desktop computers, laptops or monitors depending on their condition and age.

What is at stake ::

Computers, electronic devices and monitors contain heavy metals and other toxic substances that must be disposed of through a California approved Electronics Recycler

It is illegal to to dispose of these items in your household or business trash bins and to do so risks a fine from your trash disposal service company

Reduce ::

The goal of recycling and reuse is to minimize the introduction of dangerous electronic wastes into the environment through recovery of raw materials and the reuse of electronic components where possible