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We Diagnose and Repair Multiple Issues with Phone and Tablet Logic Boards at a Microscopic Level

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With electronic devices getting smaller and much more expensive, sometimes repairing these devices can be the best route to take.

Typically phones and tablets that are less than $99 brand new are not worth the hassle, but with higher end stuff like the iPhones and Galaxy Tabs it's usually possible to repair them for way less than what they are worth new.

Advanced Computer Resources prides itself on fast reliable service, and the highest quality work.

Here is where microsoldering comes in. Microsoldering basically involves soldering jobs done on a much smaller scale. So small that they have to be done with the help of a microscope.

Connectors, resistors, capacitors, microchips are among the many tiny components on a phone/tablet motherboard. (or more typically called "logic board")

90 Day Warranty on all Hardware Repairs