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ACR is one of the few laptop repair shops doing hardware
repair often saving you the cost of a new motherboard

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90 Day Warranty on DC Jack, Video Chip Reseating, Motherboard Repairs and Used Parts
Full 1 year Warranty on new parts we install

Save $$$ at Advanced Computer Resources

A common problem with laptop computers is the video processor on the motherboard coming loose due to overheating. Most repair shops will ask you to buy an expensive new motherboard and still charge you high labor costs to install it.

At ACR we can often repair your laptop motherboard for a flat rate of $130 (Macbook Pro can sometimes be more)

This is our ACHI Pro Infrared Station that we use to reseat video processors on laptop motherboards and repair other desoldered components.

While services like virus and malware removal are the same on laptop computers as desktop models, laptop and netbook computers require specialized skills and equipment for most hardware repairs

Advanced Computer Resources has repaired 1000s of Laptop computers since the early 1990s

Beware of Cheap Laptop Motherboard Repairs

Our equipment preheats the board top and bottom and has a strong, specially designed holding frame to prevent warping. Exact temperature control is maintained in the remounting process to ensure a connection with factory like strength and longevity

Most other shops, if they do motherboard repair at all, use a heat gun to reseat loose processing chips and risk damage to your computer components

Upgrade your laptop with more memory or a larger harddrive, always at the best price at ACR