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Antivirus Advanced Computer Resources removes computer viruses, rootkits and other malware completely and as quickly as possible while still ensuring a thorough cleaning has been done.

Typically, a heavily infected machine will cost about $97.5 and require 4 to 6 hours to completely clean.

In unusual cases, it might be necessary to save your pictures, music, video or other valuable data, reinstall your operating system and restore your data.

ACR charges a maximum of $130 for labor including these services regardless of the time we need to spend to do the job right.

30 Day Warranty with Free Anti-Virus Program
90 Day Warranty when you buy an Anti-Virus Program from Advanced Computer Resources

Tips to help keep your computer virus free:
  1. Do not open email attachments unless you are expecting a file from someone

  2. Do not click on links nor images in emails unless you are expecting a link from someone or it is an email you normally get from someone you do business with.

  3. Keep your Windows Updates current

  4. Download and use Firefox or Chrome for surfing the net rather than Internet Explorer, especially on Windows XP computers.